About Us

We use 100% prime USDA Halal beef sourced from cattle farms with management practices that maintain the highest quality in Halal standards.

  • Prime cuts of 100% USDA meat are hand-cut and slowly marinated. Our beef is maintained by the highest quality standards, enabling us to produce outstanding beef jerky year-round.

Our unique tenderization process gives every bite the prefect taste and texture.

  • 🐄 Our meat can be traced from where the animals come from and where they are raised and fed naturally.

    🐄 HFSAA certification ensures all aspects of production and procedures are 100% in compliance with their guidelines.

    🐄 HFSAA certification assures our customers that our manufacturing facilities and process are halal H1 complaint from start to finish. Halal certification ensures the meat is free from animal byproducts and has a low risk of being contaminated.